How does the “You Decide” Project work?

It’s simple. I write a story, you vote on a choice with a donation, and once we get enough votes I release the next chapter.

How do I participate?

Sign up for the mailing list (form is at the bottom of this page) and vote! That’s it. You’ll see the choices start to matter as the story goes on.

Where do I vote and donate:

Just head right over to my crowdrise page! There will be a link at the end of every chapter.

Shoot, I missed a vote! What do I do?

Muahaha, you are at the mercy of other people’s votes. 🙂 That’s ok, keep reading and vote next time! Maybe splurge on an extra vote!

Do you know what’s going to happen in the story?

I’ve created major characters, setting, and thought through possible events, but I won’t know how things will turn out until you vote. That’s part of the fun!

How many chapters will it be?

Six chapters, so five votes total.

Why are we raising money for migraine research?

Since being active in the migraine community for about five years, I have seen the impact that migraine has on countless individuals. I believe we are dealing with an invisible health crisis. Migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world.* Yet, in spite of its prevalence and its serious effect on individuals, families and the economy, research is severely underfunded.*

One-hundred percent of the profit of this campaign will go to the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF). The MRF raises money to fund migraine research into the causes, better treatments, and a cure for migraine. 100% of every donation goes directly to fund research.   *Migraine facts provided by the Migraine Research Foundation.

-Lisa Robin Benson, Author and MRF Fundraising Ambassador